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Creators are millionaires, and millionaires are creators.

Last week, I discussed how stupidly important it is to be a creator rather than just a consumer. It’s easy to consume. It’s not as easy to create.

That’s why 99% of millionaires are creators, not consumers. 😱

The biggest questions I got from last week’s email:

– “What if I don’t have a website?”

– “How do I build a landing page for my email?”

– “It’s easy for you to say, Steve. You’re in IT. Some of us aren’t!”

Okay okay, I get it.

So, let’s say you’ve decided to start an email newsletter (hint: newsletters are the easiest way to start making obscene amounts of money online). You’re geared up and ready to go. But, there’s one tiny detail left to be solved…

How do you get people to…you know, actually sign up?

👉 Note: If you don’t care about starting your own newsletter and creating a landing page, I got you covered. Scroll down to the bottom of this page for 3 unpopular facts about money that traditional money advice gets wrong.

Get People Signed Up!

People need a way to sign up for your budding email empire. If you’ve chosen ConvertKit, good choice. ConvertKit has a bunch of pre-built landing page options ready for you to choose.

Here’s just a tiny sampling of the landing pages you can create:

Pick one, change out some of the text and graphics, and boom. Done.

Then just sit back, grab a beer, and enjoy the fruits of your labor. 🍻

But if you didn’t choose ConvertKit (or already had an email service provider) and want another landing page option, Carrd is your choice.

I created this landing page in about 2 minutes using Carrd. It’s insane how quick and easy it is to build landing pages and sign-up forms these days.

In Carrd, the process is simple:

  1. Create an account (it’s free unless you want more features)
  2. Choose an email landing page template
  3. Make it your own by adding text, graphics, and colors
  4. Link it to your email service provider (you’ll need an API key and either a form ID or publication/list ID from your provider.

That’s it. You could have it all set up today if you want.

You now have no excuse. Building a sign-up page for your email list is easy.

Then, use your social media accounts to get people onto your list. Or if you have a blog, include a sign up form in the sidebar.

Next, consistently hit your subscribers with ridiculous value. Be consistent.

For example, I’m in your inbox every Saturday without fail. And I spend a lot of time writing these emails so you learn something in every damn one of ’em.

Who’s going to set this up and get started today?

3 Unpopular Money Facts

If you’re only here for the money advice, don’t worry. I gotcha. As promised, here are three facts about money that traditional money gurus get wrong.

✅ Fact: Buy as many lattes as you want. If that latte is what gets you out of bed in the morning, then buy the damn latte. Nixing a small but enjoyable habit out of your lifestyle won’t magically make $1M show up in your bank account.

✅ Fact: Don’t invest your emergency fund. You never want to be forced to sell an investment (and incur income tax) to cover an unexpected expense. If your e-fund is invested, then it’s an investment, not an emergency fund.

✅ Fact: Follow your strength, not your passion. Our passions don’t pay the bills like our strengths do. If you make your passion your job, then it’s no longer your passion. It’s your job. Follow your strengths.

Chat soon,

– Steve

P.S. Don’t forget, I built a free 7-day email course on how to build a huge, money-making audience on Twitter called Tweet Igniter. You spend a lot of time online. Might as well make it an income-generating asset.

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