Why You Need To Sell

I talk a lot about investing in Millionaire Habits. Saving money, too. And while that’s all great, I want to get into something very different today.

There are creators out there racking in 6-figures a month.

I personally know one who’s buying a custom-built $850,000 house in freakin’ cash because, well, he can. The dough is rolling in faster than he can spend it.

What do all these high-income millionaires have in common?

They are creators. They make shit and sell it.

Welcome to the mindset you need to have if you want to become a millionaire. It’s not just about investing and saving.

Today, let’s take a look at exactly how this works, including a few ideas to help get you started creating today.

How to Be a Creator

To be a creator, you need two things:

  • A product or service
  • An audience to sell it to

Your product or service can be anything you’re freakin’ good at.

For instance, fitness coaches make ungodly amounts of money online (yep, I know a few fitness coaches who earn $20,000 to $30,000 a month).

Courses also make bank. For example, my FI/Accelerator course brings in $1,500 to $2,000 every time I mention it. Easy money.

Maybe you’re into affiliate marketing (selling other people’s stuff for a commission of the sale). Or running live cohorts teaching an in-demand skill.

Think about what you’re naturally good at and something that people are willing to pay for. Boom, there’s your product.

Next, you need an audience.

On Twitter, I just crossed 240,000 followers yesterday. And over 43,000 on Instagram. But that’s not where the real value is with a big audience.

The value comes when you move those subscribers over to a platform that you own, like email.

Millionaire Habits has over 16,000 subscribers, built almost entirely from Twitter. That’s a good number of eyeballs reading my content. And, every email subscriber is what I like to call a “captive audience”.

After all, you voluntarily forked over your email. You want to hear from me.

👉 Here’s how to build a captive audience:

1: Sign up for ConvertKit, the best email provider in the world.

2: Have a few emails written about a subject you’re passionate about.

3: Plug your email list on social media and include a signup form on your blog.

And boom, you’ve just laid the foundation for making money online. You could be making extra money within a couple of months, easy.

Build from there. Release a course or a coaching program. Sky’s the limit.

Making money online is fun. It really is.

Chat soon,

– Steve

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